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did we see? >> well, google person finder factored into this. we have a graph that i can show you what it looks like. there's a big button that says "i'm looking for. requests you can type in the name of somebody. or "i have information about" and you can also type in the name of someone. then you can take this tool and embed it on your own web site. so in the aftermath of disaster, howie, it really seems like this tool and others are much more effective than going to the bulletin board near the world trade towers and scanning the pictures. >> and the tone of twitter where there were about five million tweets in 24 hours accord to the weapon site was very striking because in the beginning when twitter was young journalists looked down their nose, well, anybody can post anything, how do we know it's true? often things were not true. while there were examples of excesses and partisanship i found a really -- twitter has almost grown up. there was a tone of restraint and people saying they were not going to retweet every last bit of speculation and even criticizing the mainstream media for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1